Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meera Too

Even though Meera slept through the visit from Roxann-Clifton-and-Catherine (because she took one of her marathon 3.5 hour naps), she is --of course-- never to be forgotten. Later in the day we went to the Tinicum Arts Festival, where Meera was happy to take it all in from aboard her mode-of-transportation-of-choice: the backpack. (she likes it so much she even says the word --one of her first 20 words-- "ba pa"/'backpack'). She had a bottle of her fav: organic whole milk... while the rest of us had fresh squeezed lemonade and fresh brewed iced coffee. While K & O watched magicians and kissed monkeys (for real), Little Miss just observed it all from her perch high above. This girl doesn't miss a beat, but she doesn't necessarily need to be in the center of it all like her brothers do. While her bro's need to be right in the middle, she's just fine with being a tad bit above the fray.
Later, after arriving home, we set her free in the comfort of her own yard. Where she went crazy with her latest trick: walking. She loves walking. And she's uber-proud of herself for being able to walk. The other four members of her family seem to have a love-hate relationship with her walking... we love it because she so clearly loves it, but we hate it because it means our little tiny baby is movin' on up in the world (and why oh why can't she remain our little baby bundle forever????????)
But really, with a smile like this, what's not to love?!

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Robin said...

She is SO cute!!