Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to Reality (or non-reality, as the case may be)

Every time we get back from a trip it is striking to me how much the boys process it all by playing it all out over and over in every possible dimension. The motorboat (and all the boats on the lake) were a major part of our time in New Hampshire for them. Now, back at home, they are just playing playing playing about boats and ships and water and travel travel travel. Which almost always morphs into travel via planes... of course (this is K & O we are talking about). But in recent days it is always starting with them being "on a boat." They always build the "boat" the same way-- with blankets and pillows on the floor. And then it just takes off from there-- in all sorts of directions. Recently they are repeatedly playing that they take the boat (which soon morphs into a ship which then morphs into a plane) to Paris France and then to Russia and then to China. From there, the sky's the limit. They are globe-trotting all over the world. Owen is sometimes a pilot. Kyle is always a passenger. Whenever they can manage it, they get Meera on board too. Meera sometimes cooperates (especially if there are blueberries involved --- "snacks! we need SNACKS for the TRIP!!!"). The motors to these boats-ships-planes are very loud. The design of the trip-taking-vehicles is very elaborate. The experience is very involved. Sometimes these trips last only a few minutes. Sometimes hours. And given that we're still in the heyday of summer, there are currently very few restrictions on how long it lasts (we have, for example, a "ship" that has been in tact in our sunroom for the past four days). The world is their oyster.


Mom 4 Kids said...

That is just precious! Their little faces look so involved in the imagination too. And I am with your daughter on the snacks! What's the point of a trip but to snack!

Kathrin said...

I love how they like to play "traveling".

I want to get a toy air plane for my baby and but couldn't realy find a good one. What are the once K&O got?