Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 37th Birthday Heather!

Can you believe she's 37? I can't! She seems like a really mature 22 year old hottie to me! And we've had a really fun day to boot. Our dear old friends Jen and Anthony are here (mostly coincidental, but what a great way to celebrate) and between our kids, their kids, the pool and some margaritas, it's been a blast.

This year, Kyle and Owen picked out their own gifts for mommy: Owen a purple stone funky necklace and Kyle a large lattice heart pendant necklace. Both of which Heather will wear - although neither of which we're sure are actually are her style. But so endearingly cute.

Heather got to have her favorite - carrot cake - with two loving boys assisting with the candle duty.

Happy Birthday my sweet, gorgeous wife! We're all so happy to celebrate you today!


Phyl said...

Happy Birthday Heather!

brista said...

Happy Birthday!

I bet Meera will end up wearing both of those necklaces! That post about her and the necklaces was so stinking cute!!

Kathrin said...

Happy Birthday from Germany, Heather! Can't wait to see those necklaces.

Justine said...

De-lurking to say: Happy Birthday! Thanks for such sweet and enlightening blogging. We love reading along.


Roxann said...

Happy Birthday hbj.

from all of us.

love you lots!!!