Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photo of the Day

Self Portrait, by Zoe, Owen, Kyle --
taken with one of the 245 tokens that they
(with a little help from Christian & Luis) loved-every-minute-of on this muggy cloudy summer afternoon. Yes, you read that right: 245 tokens. Those 245 tokens made 5 kids very happy (and 1 baby very entertained). And perhaps most importantly, those 245 tokens bought us 4 adults who paid for them approximately 2.25 hours of only semi-interrupted chatting. And thanks to Lori (who brought $-saving-coupons), it didn't break the bank. Even if it had, though, I gotta tell ya: what those tokens gave us = priceless.


Roxann said...

Isn't it a wonderful break to just let 'em loose? I'm so with you. Priceless moments are sooo worth it!

Lori said...

Haaaaaaaaa! How much do we LOVE Chuck E. Cheese????? That picture is sooo sweet. Zoe sure loves her Ky & O! As soon as Meera gets a little bigger, she too will be cashing in her tokens! :)

It was fun! We love you guys bunches!!!


Heather said...

Lori-- 'Haaaaaaaaaaaaa' is right!
Well, we LOVE it and we HATE it. We hate it for all the obvious reasons. And we love it for all the obvious reasons. It is a classic LOVE-HATE relationship. Nonetheless... can't wait for next time.

Haitian-American Family of Three said...

We have not tried this place yet-but I do have very fond memories of going to one when I was a little girl and LOVING the lights and rides so I can see why they are so happy.