Sunday, September 06, 2009

1st Family Bike Ride

We're trying to savor every little last bit of summer that we can over this designated "Family Weekend" Labor Day Weekend.

Today was a big day for Braydon and I. For years and years now we've both been dreaming of the day we'd start doing Family Bike Rides. We've done lots of outings with some of us on bikes or on scooters or in strollers or in backpacks, but we've never all been on bikes at the same time. Today was the day. A dream come true. Here is our crew:

We found a new trail that turned out to be spectacular and is now our new-favorite place for outings. Meera did a--okay in her brand new baby bicycle seat!
Along our route we found the perfect spot for our leisurely picnic snack, with a great view of the river, and plenty of passers-by for Meera to wave to saying, "Hi!" "HI!!" "Hi!!!" at the top of her lungs while Owen dug for huge worms in the dirt and Kyle told us stories with many twists and turns that never seemed to have endings (a specialty of his).
We had a nice long ride. Long enough to completely exhaust our Wild Boys (not an easy task, and something which, when we achieve it, Braydon and I relish in self-pride over).
On the way home we picked up pizza for the 3 bambinos so that we could feed them early and get them off for a nice early bedtime (so that take-out and a movie and, most importantly, margaritas could begin as early in the evening as possible for the truly exhausted parents).

(Meera's baby bicycle seat arrived via "box truck!," shipped safely within two big boxes. The boys spent much of their day on Friday playing and playing and playing with those two big boxes...)


Jen said...

I can't believe K & O are riding 2-wheelers without training wheels! My oldest is 5.5, and there's just NO way that's gonna happen any time soon!

And amen to Margaritas, sister!


BSC said...

I have to say you have a gift for capturing those every day family moments that are truly spectacular. This post just transported me to a time when our family was able to do the same thing. You're absolutely right. It is wonderful to take a family bike ride.

Thanks for sharing.

Mark and Sarah said...

Woohoo for worn out kids! For us, one of our favorite times of the day is when we shut the boys' bedroom door after they're tucked in. Aaaaaaah, relief.

Yay for Family Weekend. We're having one of those over here too!

Marianne said...

Heather and Braydon, the two of you have one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen. Based on what I have read on your blog, I have no doubt in my mind that your children are going to make such a big and positive impact on this world. Kyle and Owen seem so kind-hearted, intelligent and full of life, and little Miss Meera, well I just want to clone her!!! She is the most adorable little girl I have ever seen! I hope I am fortunate enough to have such a loving, tight knit family of my own one day. Enjoy the last days of summer!!

P.S. I stumbled across your blog when I was doing a google search for a sociology assignment... I wish my Soc professors were as cool as you seem!

MorMor said...

What a great weekend. So fun! I see you all were wearing helmets. Glad to see that!! LOVE YOU... miss you all.