Thursday, September 03, 2009

Medika Mamba

Check it out!


Jen said...


Thank you for posting these boys' progress!! What an amazing transformation -- and how wonderful for all your readers to see what their contributions have done. I hope after seeing this that your readers will continue to donate -- I know we will!


M and M said...

What a wonderful and tangible way for people to see the power of a nutritional powerhouse! This same peanut butter paste is being used therapeutically in Ethiopia right now to rescue children from starvation in famine stricken areas. It's truly amazing to see the progress being made in Haiti too. My heart is relieved to see this. Also, my heart is ruined forever, by the experience of witnessing such suffering. I, personally, work to make the best of being ruined, through constant advocacy for those in need. Isn't it ironic to purchase such bounty at a farmer's market and know such destitution? It takes work to make these two realities live side by side. Thank you, Party of 5, for being part of that work.

In solitude...Meghan

Roxann said...

going to check it out friend.

lots of love.

Elyssium Earth said...

Ah. Quite amazing. Little Bubba on the right needs a great big cuddle though. I hope he's ok.

M and M said...

Hi Heather. I was trying to find an e-mail for you but ended up here - on a post that relates to the message I want to pass on to you (no need to post this comment as it is really a personal note to you). First, in my little "blog stats" counter it is YOUR BLOG which sends the most readers to my blog. I thank you - deeply. I don't have many readers, perhaps 50 a day on average. But, your inclusion of me on your blogroll is quite an honor and I appreciate the "link love". Secondly, I wanted to share with you that my team's work to promote MSF and their use of Plumpy'Nut (haiti's Medika Mamba) has been hard and tireless work. YOu know, when I read that you got a flood of e-mails about your lemon cake and I'm working tirelessly to get folks to support this opportunity to WIN funds from Janus as part of a charity challenge...well, I just shake my head. I know I know - my only job is to make the offer, I can't determine what others do with the offer. I kept wishing I had asked you (in retrospect) to provide that lemon cake recipe IF AND ONLY IF folks visited our "spare change challenge." But that would be stealing you Medika Mamba thunder. The point is, you inspire me to think of new ways to reach out. Thank you for the inspiration. In another case, there was an Ethiopian AP post that received 850 hits over a criticism of folks who feel "pity" for the lives of Ethiopians. 850 hits? I can't get one act of giving off of the yahoo EthioAdopt group of 5000 members. Lordie - social justice is hard work.
I'm just one social scientist reaching out to another - and feeling inspired by the clever ways you "get" people. And I mean get them as sociologists do, and get them in your camp. (My awesome teammate in the Plumpy'Nut work and fairy godmother to my son is a sociologist like you and her former partner (german woman named Katrina) started teaching at NorthEastern just after you left....sort of small world story). This is a reach out - and I'm glad to have shared a little more about who I am with you. Thanks for all you do out here in blogland, and for being a great model for me in so many ways.