Monday, October 05, 2009

Recap of MorMor & MorFar's Visit

Thanks to MorMor and MorFar visiting, the boys, and Meera too, have been flying high - on Cloud 9 - for the past "5 sleeps!!!" It has been awhile since they visited just for the sake of visiting (i.e., no birthday or holiday, etc.), so it somehow seemed extra special to not have anything extra special on the agenda. It is always incredibly sweet to see the grands (g-children and g-parents) bond bond bond. Meera is just as smitten with her MorMor and MorFar as her brothers are. Highlights of the visit included MorMor and MorFar picking the boys up from school on Thursday and Friday; a river canal excursion (a long bike ride for K & O and a long walk for MM & MF) after school on Friday afternoon; my mom helping me to re-learn how to use a new (actually old second-hand, but new to me) sewing machine to mend my children's clothes and toys all by myself; me helping my mom set up an online way to sell her handmade baskets (look for exciting info on that soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!); MorFar indulging the boys in baseball and football and all things Red Sox until their hearts' content; a football game on Saturday (Lehigh vs. Harvard); Peace Valley on Sunday; and great food, of course... including dinner at Carrabbas on Friday, lunch at Tabora Farm on Sunday, a couple of trips to OwWowCow for ice cream, an Algerian Lamb Dinner (that Braydon and I got in our school's auction months ago and we delivered to us on Saturday night by another school family), pancakes for breakfast a la MorMor, and even a couple of pretty nice dinners made by moi. A grand old time was had by all. They left today. Bittersweet. Bitter because it is hard for all five of us to see them go. Sweet because of course we're a happy little Party of Five all on our own too. But as soon as they leave we can't help but start talking about when we will see them next. I am so grateful for a life-long good and strong relationship with my parents. I always dreamed that my kids would know their grandparents in a real and true way-- it is such a blessing to be able to see that unfolding now.


Jen said...

great pics as always...and meera's little purple & blue dress outfit is SO adorable!!

Mark and Sarah said...

I love your recounts of visits like this. Makes us all feel like we were there with you. What a beautiful relationship you all have. Your pictures scream joy and intimacy!

honor22 said...

I have not one, but two sewing machines in my basement. I'd love some sewing lessons. Glad to hear your mom was there to share her knowledge with you.

Great photos, as always! (Go, Yankees.)