Friday, October 16, 2009

School Bus

The first couple days of K & O's school year, both Braydon and I wanted to be there to watch them get on the school bus. So, Meera had to come along too (since we couldn't very well leave her alone at the house!). The school bus pick-up spot is at the end of our neighborhood road. And our mornings are often frantic (we try desperately to keep a sense of calm and ease in them, but we tend to fail miserably at that). You can imagine the drill. Every minute counts. Early on we learned the hard way that driving to the bus stop (as opposed to walking) is clearly the way to go... it saves us a good solid 10 minutes in the a.m. And believe me, we need every one of those 10 minutes. So we quickly abandoned our lovely notion of a nice leisurely morning walk and resigned ourselves to ridiculously pathetic routine of getting into the car and driving the 1 minute to the end of the road. Well, the first couple days somehow morphed into the first couple months, and here we are: all five of us going to catch the school bus every morning. Meera will not have it any other way. She insists on going with the boys to get the school bus everyday. Truth be told, Braydon and I both love this little ritual that has developed, and neither of us want to miss out on the school bus pick-up either. So we all pile into the front seat and go out there each day. I have no idea how long it will last, but for now, it is what it is: a major part of our family's daily routine. Today it was rainy and I grabbed the camera as we were --in typical fashion-- rushing frantically out the door.


The Jabber said...

Such gorgeous kids. :)

Mark and Sarah said...

What a funny little tradition! So cute, knowing how busy you all are to think of you driving to the bus stop each morning all together. I think I'd opt for a moment alone with some coffee while dad drove them down, but that's probably because I'm with LOUD kids all day!!

Jenn said...

We do the drive thing as well, comes in handy when its -40 outside and the bus is late!!

Ani said...

such a sweet tradition! i love the last pic of little Meera looking at the bus, pretty soon she'll be riding it to school too!

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Our rush to the bus stop (in view and totally walkable) makes our mornings crazy too. And we've missed it (the bus) twice. I only regret I can't meet my precious ones after school when that bus returns them.
As always, your three are cute as ever.