Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lehigh vs. Holy Cross

Today was the most perfect football day. We have loved football games at Lehigh this fall and this was probably our last one of the season. Kyle is totally into it. He is right in the middle of the ruckus of kids who all "play football" (i.e., tackle each other while chasing a ball) on the grass where we sit on the side of the field. Whenever a field goal is kicked Kyle is right in the middle of the mega-tackle pile-up to try to catch it from the sideline. While we're at these games Kyle is a football player (he is not a bystander). He brings his football to the game and has no problem making instant friends with any kid who will "play football" with him. Owen and Meera, on the other hand, take after their parents. They are much more into the socializing (for the two of them this equates to flirting, big-time, with everyone who will flirt back) and partaking of football-stadium-food-and-drink (today Owen had, amongst other things, hot chocolate, which was an especially special treat!). While Owen chatted up a whole bunch of very cute college girls, and Kyle tackled a slew of ten-year-old boys, and Meera played cutesie peek-a-boo with a family sitting behind us, a football game was actually being played on the field. Lehigh lost, again, but it barely even mattered -- today was the most perfect football day.


Jess said...

On behalf of New England, thanks for directing your kids to the Patriots.
I went to my college Homecoming today and pointed out that we were watching the team that the Pats coach played on in college. And yes -- twas a perfect day for it!

T & T Livesay said...

We are loving looking at the pictures and pretending we can smell the crisp fall air.