Wednesday, January 06, 2010

On the way home - Christmas with G'amma

Last year after Christmas, we headed down to Philly, where my sister was living to visit with her and my mom for the day and had a very nice time.   Now that my sister is in DC, we decided it was best to stop by my mom's great new place in MA on the way home.

We got there in the morning after having missed a big winter storm the day before and had a chance to go for a nice walk down past the pond to the playground and get out of the car for while.  My sister was up from DC and our Aunt Diana swung by for the visit and had a chance to meet and experience the entire family.

After some crazy, yummy gourmet pizzas from a place nearby and some homemade cookies, we got down the business of opening Christmas gifts. The boys enjoyed bringing out the Connectagons and books, while Sabrina told Kyle stories. Meera toodled around looking at the pictures and Sabrina's sculptures while getting picked up and cuddled by my mom. Everyone got some good affection.

The visit was just a couple hours, but we fit in a lot of good chatting, playing and enjoying each other.

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