Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Anderson Cooper returns to Haiti

We're not ones to repost other blog posts, but I think this really deserves mention. Previously we were not CNN followers and didn't know of Anderson Cooper other than in passing.  But with their coverage of Haiti lately, we've become fans.  And with the latest blog post Anderson wrote we're now a lot more than fans.

He captures the sentiment a lot of people who are not in Haiti, but who have been there and have a connection to Haiti, feel right now.  We've always said that once you go, it gets under your skin.  It's a rather trite saying, particularly right now, but maybe it has meaning.

For anyone who has been to Haiti at any time, his comments will resonate.  For everyone who cares about the world not forgetting; we appreciate what Anderson Cooper and CNN are doing.



M and M said...

Yes, I read this too, and I thought, he's a good man. He feels it. I want him to bring it to me from Haiti.

Patricia said...

He is good. Did you know he's a Vanderbilt? As in Gloria Vanderbilt's son? Very interesting.