Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Owen Quote

Owen is in constant motion. He is capable of sitting still for long periods of time if need be. But more often than not you'll find him moving. Moving moving moving. We've had a couple of different evaluations done over time, and his teachers (including his daycare and preschool teachers when he was younger) have always been in unanimous agreement too -- he does not seem to have ADD/ADHD. It seems --everyone so far conclusively agrees-- that Owen is just an incredibly active kid. Kyle is too. But Owen is even slightly more. Off-the-charts-active. Like, totally, totally energetic beyond anything most people have ever seen. The kid has more energy than any of us know what to do with. It is an endless bottomless boundless pit of ACTIVE. And he's just so enthralled and engrossed and engaged in every detail of every day of life. It is an amazing (and intense) way to live! (and makes for a seriously fun --- but seriously challenging --- kid to parent). Anyway, this past Sunday evening Owen and I were talking while he was in the bath. The boys had just come home from a birthday party and were clearly exhausted. I said, "Birthday parties are exhausting, aren't they?" Owen said, (as he crazily splashed, poured, whirled and twirled in the bathtub) "They aren't exhausting for me!" I said, "Owen, everyone gets exhausted from birthday parties-- even you." He said, "Why? Why do people get exhausted from birthday parties?" I said something like, "Well, because kids all go crazy at birthday parties -- with all their friends together in one place, and all the special fun stuff to do, and the excitement of the birthday, the cake, the presents, and everything -- it is just exhausting for everyone!" He said, "I feel like I'm at a birthday party everyday!"


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful way to see life....a birthday party everyday!!!!


honor22 said...

Beautiful. It sounds like he means it too.


Amy said...

That's great. Makes me think of the young man who now calls our daughter his girlfriend (and we're fine with that). When he was younger he had stayed at a friend's house and when the mom woke the boys up hers were groggy and sleepy and he popped right up. She commented that he must be a morning person. He replied, "My mom says I'm a morning, noon and night person!" I guess Owen is a "morning, noon and night person!!"

Karen Vitek said...

I wish we all could say we were at a Birthday party everyday! Kudos to Owen! I hope he doesn't change.