Monday, October 23, 2006

"Big Green Chainsaw"

Well, we all go a little far sometimes. In our work, in our obsessions, in our family life.

Every morning and afternoon Kyle and Owen insist on seeing 'Papi's Chain Saw' [ain-yaw]. Every morning and every afternoon. Which really means we first look at a little electric chainsaw, then the gas chain saw Don gave me for Chirstmas, then we look at the weedeater, then the leaf blower, then the old lawnmower (Sheesh, I can't believe we have all this stuff). And they have to touch each one in succession and pretend the motor is running - vroom, vroom! So, I thought - hey, they would get such a kick out of it if I started up the weedeater - they love when we start the cars engines.

The boys stood about 3 feet away, I pulled the starting rope, again, again and it started. Kyle was very curious as the motor jumped to life (interesting since he was very worried about the neighbor's chain saw when a tree fell down in his yard); Owen immediately started crying. 'No, no, no Papi!' he called out. He quickly ramped up to full panic. I immediatey stopped the motor and picked him up. Held him; he was so scared and crying. Kyle reached down and made motor noises - vroom, vroom! I held Owen until he calmed down. We had to replay the whole thing in detail (without starting the motor), until everything made sense and was ok. Then we went and played a little golf in the front yard (with the golf tee of course). We've been talking about the Big Green Chain Saw since (it's not even green).

We're a very enthusiastic family and get a little carried away sometimes.

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