Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Excitement is Building

We are getting really excited about Halloween around here! When we're driving in the car Owen and Kyle point out every pumpkin they see. They especially love those huge blow-up lawn decorations that are now appearing in Halloween themes on many lawns!-- Especially the ones of pumpkins. Being a New England Girl the huge numbers of such lawn decorations are all new to me. So all three of us get a big kick out of what we're seeing through the windows of the car as we speed along. But I think we'd all agree: we'd choose a real pumpkin over a blow-up one any day of the week! (See photos below!)
Kyle, Owen, and one of their best friends - Ben Uhrig - have fun in the pumpkins. This photo was taken by our friend Stacey a couple of weekends ago, at a farm in New Jersey.

Owen and Kyle check out some gigantic pumpkins at a farm along the Delaware River, about 5 minutes from our house. This photo was taken this past weekend.

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