Friday, October 27, 2006

Daycare Halloween Parade!

Our two lions roaring loud

Today was the annual Halloween Parade at daycare! This is one of the highlights of the entire year for K & O. Man, do they just love it! Last year they were sheep for Halloween, because at the time their favorite animal noise to make was sheep: "baaa baaaa baaaaaaaaaa!" Well, in keeping with the tradition, this year, they are LIONS because right now their favorite animal noise to make -- by far -- is lion: "rooaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!" Last night, given that it was the eve of the big parade day, we tried on their costumes after supper! They spent about 20 minutes just dancing in front of the mirror in their room roaring and carrying on. I think Halloween might be their favorite holiday. I'll probably take that back in a couple months when I'm posting about Santa... Anyway, we're in full Halloween mode now and everything they've been waiting for is now officially underway! They love it! Love it love it love it! If you say, "What are you for halloween?" They'll say, "LION!" If you say, "What does the lion say?" They'll say, "Rooaaaaarrrrr!" If you say, "Where does the lion live?" They'll say, "AFRICA!!" If you say, "What kind of lion are you?"---then you're in for a surprise... sometimes one or both will say, "Scary lion!!", other times, "Happy lion!!", other times they'll just look at you blankly like they have no clue what you're talking about. Last night, when they were wearing their costumes for the first time I heard them saying something I hadn't ever heard them say before-- out of the blue they started saying, "Trick or treat! Candy time!!" :0

Kyle marches in the parade

Owen is so excited about all his friends in costume

The "parade" is actually just a stroll down the sidewalk outside the daycare center (!)

K & O find their friend Maddie, dressed as a giraffe, and sandwich her with a huge double-lion-hug!

Singing songs in costume at the end of the parade route

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