Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trick Or Treating with Joy Lin

Friday night we went trick-or-treating with Joy Lin and her family! It was trick-or-treat night in Joy Lin's Gram's neighborhood and we had the honor of being invited to join the whole family. These three kids are like three peas in a pod, and whenever we get together it is total, complete, utter mayhem... especially when Gram (thus candy/sweets/sugar) is around! Joy has almost as much energy as K & O. Seriously! And even though she's 4 and they're only 2, the three of them are more like triplets than like friends. It is a LOT of fun to see them on a normal day, let alone on trick-or-treat day!! Whoa! We had a blast. They went wild trick-or-treating. For all of you who know my boys... well, let's just say you should use your imagination and then multiply that tenfold re: the level of gusto and energy that they poured into this evening's activities. Two highlights: 1) at one point, walking across the porch of a house where we had just trick-or-treated, Kyle picked a huge branch of beautiful purple flowers off a potted mum plant. The family was inside, watching from the window, and started laughing hysterically. Kyle went back to their door, knocked, and handed the lady the flowers!!!!! Hysterical!!!!!!!! 2) at another point, when the three kids were really starting to get comfortable with the whole trick-or-treat routine, the three of them were collecting their candy in a doorway of somebody's house. For whatever reason, Owen decided to make himself at home there and just strolled inside right into the living room and started hanging out in there with the family. Braydon literally had to walk into the house to remove him!!! What a riot!!!!!!!! Anyway, we just love Joy Lin and her whole family. And we're especially really, really excited because Lisa and Chris (Joy's mom and dad) just announced they've begun the process to adopt again: a baby sister for Joy! We're already dreaming of the day they bring the new little Kulp home from China! Poor little thing will have her work cut out for her to keep up with K, O, and Joy Lin! :)

Joy Lin strikes a pose!


Post-trick-or-treating hot chocolate --- Cheers!


A great time was had by all!


Connie said...

Hi Heather, What a treat to see pictures of these stunning children! We just returned from visiting our second boy, Gavin. We posted pictures on our blog, check him out. We are in love and it doesn't get any easier the second time around! Can't wait to read the rest of your blog.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh Connie! I can just imagine that having to leave your precious Gavin in Guatamala -- and all the waiting of a waiting family -- gets no easier whether it is the first time, second time or hundredth time. Email me so we can catch up!! And send me your blog address so I can see new photos of the big brother too! :) Did you ALL three go to Guat., or just you and Ricky? xo Heather