Sunday, November 19, 2006

Babies Who Love Strollers

From day one with us, since they were little tiny baby bundles snuggled up together in a double jogger stroller, K & O have loved walks. From the time we first got them home all the way through 'till now, these guys have *LOVED* being in a stroller, and have consistently sat for 1+ hour stretches on long walks, happily and contentedly. They babble and sing and take in the scenery -- and now that they're getting older, they also chat chat chat along. We hate to mess with a good thing, so we were reluctant to switch from the double jogger to two single jogger strollers. However, the two of them just got waaaaaaay too big for one of us (especially me) to be pushing them at once. Once they hit the 35 pound mark (i.e., 70 pounds total!), we threw in the towel and bought two singles. It hasn't cramped their style at all, and, as usual for these go-with-the-flow-guys, they've just rolled with it (no pun intended), and now seem to love long walks even more. One of our favorite things to do on a Sunday morning is a long walk. Today was an especially good one.

When they were babies, K & O would often hold hands when they were in the double jogger together. Even though they are in two separate strollers now they'll still sometimes hold hands while the strollers are parked.

Today we walked along the river/canals of Sand Island in Bethlehem. After the walk K & O played at the playground there. Note the boots that they insisted on wearing today!!! :)

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