Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Close Proximity

Kyle and Owen playing on the floor this morning before daycare

One thing that Braydon and I have often talked about is the way that Owen and Kyle seem to always sit/play/stand/color/etc. very close to each other. They seem to always be in close proximity. We notice it a lot. In a large room with plenty of space, they will play right next to each other. In the bathtub with plenty of room to maneuver, they will sit with their bodies right up against each other. In our huge yard, they will play within feet or even inches of each other. At a table or on the floor, they will draw and color so close together that their arms rub. It is very rare for them to go their separate ways. Almost always they are right tight together, usually with their bodies touching. If they play apart for awhile they will inevitably always gravitate back to close proximity. And soon we'll notice it and point it out to each other -- "Look how close they are together, their whole bodies are rubbing up against each other, and with all this space??!!" We wonder -- is this a twin thing? or a Kyle and Owen thing? or a nothing of note? We don't know. But we notice it all the time.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's partly because they only had each other to touch (most of the time) before they came to you. Remember the photos of them touching when they were infants? That must have been very reassuring.


The Tiger said...

Our girls seem to spend some time playing separately (I mean a few feet apart for our 1 yr old nearly-toddlers), but they very often come back to check on each other. Or end up wanting to stand in the exact same spot.