Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Terrible Two's?? Daylight Savings??

O.k., so, I'm not gonna lie about it: A lot of days the "terrible two's" seem like a folkloric myth to us. I'm almost embarassed about saying that out loud since so many people have the opposite situation and complain to me constantly about their two-year-olds. But not today. We're grumpy here. Grumpy grumpy grumpy. We all woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. All four of us. And by 6:30 p.m., the "terrible two's" seemed more real than ever. And with two of 'em fussing and whining and carrying on and losing it left at right all at the same time -- it doesn't feel like the Terrible Two's times two. It feels more like the Terrible Two's TIMES-a-MILLION around here. And with two parents who are frazzled and burnt out and sick and tired of burning the candles at both ends it feels more like the Terrible Two's TIMES-a-ZILLION.

We're *done* with this whole mama-fall-semester-overextended-up-for-tenure-book-just-out-THING. We're *done* with this whole daylight-savings-dark-when-we-get-home-from-daycare-no-light-to-play-outside-THING. (see below). We're *done* with this whole daily-grind-rat-race-two-parents-working-two-twin-toddlers-two-neglected-cats-all-under-one-roof-THING. We're just done done done done done. Wha Wha Whah Whah Whaaaaaaaaah. Can't I just have a big 'ol TANTRUM about THAT?! ;0

Biggest gripe of the day: By 5:00 it is dark outside. But we're not nearly ready to give up on our outdoor play time. Something's gotta give. Poor Kyle and Owen are playing in the dark every day now. They seem unphased by it. But Braydon and I are just beside ourselves with annoyance over this! Here are some photos of our happy-go-lucky boys playing in the sandbox in the pitch dark. What are we saving with this daylight savings thing afterall?

Thank goodness MorMor and MorFar arrive tomorrow. Just in time to save the day! My guess???-- By Thanksgiving Dinner we'll be asking ourselves: "Terrible Two's??" "What's that?" "Daylight Savings??" "What's the big deal?!" "Pass the turkey and gravy please?"

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! Big hugs to all of you!!