Monday, November 20, 2006

Haitian Pride Day(s) at the Johnson-McCormick Home

From time to time, by the power vested in me by nothing but motherhood, I declare a day a "HAITIAN PRIDE DAY" for the Johnson-McCormick Family. Sometimes there is an actual reason (like, something is happening in Haiti at the time, or it is the anniversary of something big that happened in the history of Haiti, or another family we know about somewhere succesfully got through a major milestone in a Haitian adoption, or the day has some significance for our own family, etc.). But sometimes -- like today -- there is no "official" reason at all. First thing this morning I announced to K & O that today was "Haitian Pride Day!" The boys were very, very, very proud to show off their shirts to all their friends in the toddler room at daycare. Woot woot! Rah rah! The other two-year-olds seemed only mildly impressed... and were much more excited about another kid's "Bob the Builder" shirt that he proceeded to show off with as much (o.k., I admit it, a bit more) gusto than K & O had for their shirts. Despite this, the boys carried forth. I was told at daycare pick-up that they had been adament all day long to show off their shirts to anyone who would listen to them repeatedly say, "HAITI!" I was totally completely impressed and thrilled when one of the daycare staff (an intern I actually have in class this semester) told me that she "got so into it!" that she went to her dorm room and brought back to the daycare center her own actual Haitian flag (she is Haitian) which she then pulled out to show me! Owen pointed to her flag and said, "Haiti Flag." Could Haitian Pride Day get any better than THAT?!!!

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