Saturday, November 25, 2006

Guest Bloggers! MorMor & MorFar


Our First GUEST BLOGGERS!!! -------- MorMor & MorFar!!!


MorMor writes:

We arrived Wednesday afternoon in time to pick-up Kyle and Owen at Daycare. The love between 2 little boys and their MorMor and MorFar had begun again! We were greeted with smiles, hugs and jumping up and down. What warmth and love flows from these little guys... they make us feel so special! We played awhile outside (their favorite thing to do) had a great "pasta" dinner that Heather made (their favorite thing to eat) then watched the bedtime scene (their least favorite thing). They don't want to stop the fun to go to sleep but boy, oh boy, by 8 pm do we adults ever need them to go to sleep! It happens eventually and after we adults chat awhile we go to sleep ourselves - afterall tomorrow is another day to play!

Thanksgiving we take our daily walk in Bethlehem, in the rainy mist, through the park, the boys being ever so good in the strollers. Always greeting the strangers we meet with a "hi" and "good morning"! I wonder what they think when some people don't answer back and others stop to chat to such polite, cute boys.

MorFar and Kyle playing at the table in the resturant where we went on Friday. Thank God it was such a nice day we could eat outside because MorFar gets them all riled up!!

We are in love with the Johnson-McCormick's and we are so appreciative of how much time Heather and Braydon put into fostering our relationship. They are the best of the best parents and they are raising the best of the best children. We so look forward to our next time together which will be for Christmas in NH with Stina, Tim and Sadie too. Life is GOOD!

MorFar writes:

It's been a great Thanksgiving weekend here with Owen & Kyle; Heather & Braydon. One thing is for sure. It's not a quiet weekend! Kyle and Owen have so much energy and zest for life - it's thoroughly refreshing. From the time the day starts with the pitter-patter of little feet down the stairs with a peek around the corner to find me, MorFar in the family room, to the end of the day - it's non-stop action. What's very much obvious, in addition to all the activity, is how much they love life. And love the family they must have been destined to be part of; and inspire their MorMor and MorFar to love life even more than we already did. And Braydon and Heather have most definitely already given Kyle and Owen a legacy of the positive, upbeat happy way that they engage in life on an everyday basis. So are we having fun? You bet we are! And are we tired at the end of the day. Without a doubt! and are we eager to get the next day started. Absolutely! We have to leave here tomorrow (Sunday) but we don't have too long to look forward to the Johnson-McCormick clan to come to NH for Christmas and we'll have the added excitement of having the Johnson-Ouillette family be part of the action. We look forward to all of this wondering how Kyle and Owen will change in the next few weeks because their growth and development is so noticeable every time we see them. THis time we've been amazed at how extensive their vocabulary has become and how easy it is to talk with them and how much they carry on conversations with us and each other.

So there you have it - MorFar's feflections on a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend.

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