Sunday, November 26, 2006


Cuddling This Morning
MorMor and MorFar left first thing this morning. I cried as we waved and watched them drive off down the driveway. We went back into the house and Kyle kept asking me, "Mama, you o.k.?" (he hates to see anyone cry, let alone his mother!), and Owen kept saying, "I so mad!!!" Owen was so angry about MorMor and MorFar having to leave that he didn't even want to kiss them goodbye. And Kyle was just depressed and limp and lifeless. Braydon and I felt like we do whenever they leave -- lots of feelings of "how on earth are we going to manage without them here???????" We spent the day trying to re-group. Which involved: lots of cuddling, lots of sleeping (we finally woke the boys at the 3.25 hour mark into their nap), lunch out at Panera, and "Hair Night" (which is always every-other-Sunday, but we're counting it as part of our "re-grouping" effort tonight). When we have company the boys are so excited that they don't eat as much as usual. But then they make up for it. Tonight they EACH ate (this is not both combined, this is per child): 1 whole hummus & wheat bread sandwich, 1 whole pear, 1/2 can of green beans (I know, yuck!!! But they love it, and is the only way to get them to eat green beans- they won't eat them fresh?!), 1/4 pound of cheese (yes, you did read that correctly), 1 leftover Pillsbury crescent roll from Thanksgiving, and a ton of yogurt covered raisins. So, double that -- and that is what they consumed combined. If they eat this much now when they're 2, what the heck are we going to be feeding them when they're 12?! or 16?! I think about that a lot. And I won't even try to list everything they ate throughout the whole day. So, here we are. Our little family re-grouped. Tomorrow starts a new week of work/daycare. Thanks for reading... :)

Hair Night Tonight

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