Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Top Ten: Kyle & Owen's Current Favorite Things to Do With Papi

  1. Look at the motors of the two cars with Papi.
  2. Go into the tool shed with Papi to look at the chainsaw and weed whacker and lawnmower and other power tools.
  3. Vacuum with Papi.
  4. Play hide-and-seek with Papi.
  5. Ride scooter or skateboard up and down the driveway with Papi. And/or get pulled in the wagon up and down the driveway by Papi. And/or "drive" the car down the driveway with Papi (i.e., sit on Papi's lap and "steer" the car into the garage).
  6. Help Papi do laundry.
  7. Play "ride the camel"/"ride the elephant" with Papi (i.e., Braydon crawls on all fours as K & O "ride" on his back and they laugh/shout/exclaim: "Go camel! Bumpy ride! Do elephant Papi!"
  8. Read books with Papi at the end of the day before bed.
  9. Play golf in the front lawn with Papi.
  10. Help Papi bring the trash barrels out to the end of the driveway on trash day. And then... If they are really lucky... watch the trash truck come to our driveway to get our trash. When K & O hear the truck coming, they run as fast as they can to get out of the house and to the end of the driveway in time for the big show. They then enthusiastically cheer on the guys who do garbage pick-up as they load our trash into their truck (i.e., "YAY MAN!!" "You did it man!" "Go big garbage truck!!!" "YAAAAAY GARBAGE TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!") --jumping up and down clapping and waving... the guys *love* it and run over to the boys saying "Hey little man!" and do 'high-fives' with them. As the truck drives off, the guys wave out the truck windows to K & O and K & O blow kisses to them.

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