Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006 - Part II

On Christmas Eve day my parents treated us all to a horse-drawn hayride
through Freedom Village.

MorMor and Kyle.

MorFar built a big bonfire in the campfire pit. The boys loved it!

My dad and I standing by the bonfire as it gets dark.

Christmas Eve.

The boys made a guest appearance in the Freedom Church Christmas Eve Pageant! All of the boys were supposed to be sheep, and the girls angels. But K & O really wanted to be angels, not sheep. So they were. They stole the show (see "Highlight" post!)

Christmas morning.

Christmas afternoon.

MorMor playing with her three cutie pies!

Braydon packs up to head home!
We've never before had a travel experience where
half of our pieces of luggage are filled with toys!

Owen and Kyle at the airport before boarding the plane.

When we arrived home there were tons of Christmas presents waiting that had come in the mail while we were away. Included was a bag of gifts that had been left at our door for K & O by none other than....... the boys' heros!..... our garbage collectors / garbage truck drivers!!! (the boys are their biggest fans and always LOVE waving and cheering for them as they pick up our trash each week in the big garbage truck) We were so honored that these two guys had taken the time to leave a gift for our two boys.

The big present waiting under the tree at home was a train set.
Our Christmas holidays ended with
our sweet Owen playing quietly into the night.

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