Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006 - Part I

It was a Christmas To Remember!

As I was taking my first "Christmas Vacation" photo in the Philadelphia airport on Wednesday morning I laughingly said to Braydon, “Is it ok for me to take about a million photos of these two boys over the next week?!” And he laughed back, “YES!! I bought an extra memory card for the camera!!!” An older woman in the airport overheard us and ran up to me to say: “Honey, enjoy it! And take as many photos of these adorable boys as you possibly can!!!” Then she walked off smiling. I thought to myself, “I WILL take tons of photos! I will I will! I don’t care if I go overboard with it! They’re only going to be 2 for Christmas once!” Just now as I uploaded the photos from the camera to my computer it showed that we had taken 396 photos! Here are some of our favorites.

The journey begins in the Philadelphia airport.
This was our first time traveling via airplane with the boys without strollers or baby backpacks... the boys rolled their "turtle bags" like old pro's!

Owen arrives at the Manchester, New Hampshire airport.

Once at MorMor and MorFar's house... first thing on the agenda:
A ride in MorFar's Tractor wagon!

Three cousins throw rocks and sticks into Lake Ossipee.

My little family spending time where I grew up.

Grandparents and Grandchildren.

Beautiful Owen.

MorFar uses his chainsaw to "cut wood!"

Owen and Kyle use their chainsaws to "cut wood!"
(These toy chainsaws -- identical to MorFar's real chainsaw -- were
Christmas presents for the boys from my parents... K & O *love* them and once they had received them then for the rest of our trip we rarely went for more than a few minute span without hearing these toy chainsaw motors running.)

Dinner and drinks at my sister's beautiful home in Maine
after we all attended my niece's Christmas Dance Recital.

Yogurt! The boys went on some sort of crazy yogurt binge over the Christmas week. (Over one 48-hour period we actually kept count -- Kyle alone ate 14 yogurts in those 2 days. We didn't even tally up how many they each ate the rest of the days.)

The extraordinary view looking out over the field behind my parents' home.

Three cousins play trumpets! (another gift from MorMor and MorFar!)

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