Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Break

Our daycare is closed for this week, so I've taken this time off from work, and for the past three days I've been home with the boys. I purposefully didn't plan any outings or activities for us -- thinking that after being away in New Hampshire for a week the boys could use a little low-key down-time at home. Although I've almost lost my mind (I'm not someone who can easily stay put in any one place for one whole day... let alone three in a row!), it was definately the right thing for K & O. Other than getting back into the swing of all things eating-and-sleeping related (they got waaaaaaaaay off track while we were away), and re-bonding as a tight little dynamic duo (they are going through an incredibly intensive phase right now with their relationship -- extremely loving with each other and extraordinarily happy to play alone just the two of them, with almost zero fighting or irritability whatsoever), and of course spending gobs of time playing with all their new Christmas presents, here's what's comprised the bulk of our time over the past three days:

Playing with Water in the Kitchen Sink
[Note: most of the time they are pretending that they are "washing trucks in the car wash"]

Waiting for Their Heroes (The Garbage Guys / Trash Truck Drivers ) to Arrive
[Note: K & O insisted on bringing the trash trucks they got from Santa to the end of the driveway. The trucks sat there for over an hour until finally the trash guys arrived to pick up our trash, then the boys did their regular thing - ran like crazy to greet the guys, clapped and cheered for them, etc.... AND... proudly held their toy trash trucks up high for the garbage collector guys to hold and admire. The guys were quite impressed with the trucks... and the four of them (2 trash guys + their 2 biggest fans) spent quite some quality time discussing the similarities between the "real garbage truck" and the "toy garbage trucks"... to see other posts where I've mentioned the boys' relationship with our garbage collectors click here and here]

Seriously Discussing the Finer Details of the Inner Workings of Trucks' "Motors":

Putting Rocks Inside Trucks:

Putting Sand Into Trucks:
Swinging Like Little Maniacs:
[Note: most of the time they are pretending that they are "pilots driving a biiiiiig airplane"... or... their favorite... that they are "going sooooooo FAST! in a BIIIIIG TRUCK!!!!!!"]

You don't need to spend three days isolated alone at home with them to pick up on the robust TRUCK theme!! ;0

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laurafingerson said...

Heather, how do you stand it - your boys are so cute! I can't stand it and I am just reading the blog. The garbage truck story is awesome. I bet your garbage truck guys just loved it.

We just bought a new kitchen (for the new house in MN) and now I can see why we need that double sink. One sink for each twin!