Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Celebrating Our Adoption Day: Photos of Our First Weeks Home

We have hundreds and hundreds of photos of the boys, many of them we absolutely love, and some of which are really good. I thought about trying to post a series of photos representing our first two years as a family. But as I started to look through the photo files on my computer, I just knew it would be impossible to choose just a few. So, I'm limiting myself to our first five weeks home. Here are ten of our favorites spanning those first precious weeks...

K & O in their bedroom, our first day home:

Settling in, slowly but surely:

One of our first visitors, our friends Kristen & Darin, took this photo of us in our living room. It is our first family photo on U.S. soil:
Madly in love:

As I was looking through the photos of our first weeks together, the transformation in the boys was more transparent than ever to me. Here are K & O, in the kitchen, at the end of our first five weeks home:


Anonymous said...

I remember how hard you worked to get the twins to smile. To trust you. Once they were with you awhile they began to understand you would always there and you loved them. They began to really smile - they had something to be happy about! I remember their rough skin, their runny noses, Kyle's cough, their little mouths open wanting food at the sight of any food or drink. They were beautiful babies then and are beautiful toddlers now. I love them so. Happy Adoption Day! Thank you Heather and Braydon for adopting and raising so very well my wonderful grandsons. MorMor

Anonymous said...

Just started your blog recently. I am myself am from Haiti, adopted as a young girl. Needless to say, I enjoy your blog for various reasons. Anyway, I always wondered how it was "in the beginning" with the boys, and am finding these recent updates fascinating. Your family is beautiful.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh! Braydon and I are just stunned to receive this anonymous comment from someone who has found our blog who was herself adopted from Haiti!!! Wow! Who are you?! We're fascinated by *YOU*! Please email me privately: Thanks for reading!!! And thanks for commenting! :)

Bek said...

I love that they are holding hands in the pictures in the car and with the bottle!! The twists are great too (love the hair, I must say it again!).

I also love the cypress trees on the wall mural..very Italian!

laurafingerson said...

Congratulations on your Adoption Day, Heather and all! What a thrill to be so happy and so healthy.

And too cute about the boys holding hands while Braydon is feeding them their bottles in these photos. Our twins sometimes hold hands while they are in their high chairs, but not like your boys do from what I see in the blog. They are such a pair, always reaching to one another.

laurafingerson said...

I forgot to say -- congrats on your letter being published in Twins Magazine! For you blog-readers out there, check out the current issue for a cutie photo of K&O (as if there are any other kinds of photos of K&O) and Heather's letter. I was so pleasantly surprised to see their photo when I was reading my issue!