Sunday, January 28, 2007

Creative Play

K & O find their Storyland hats in the laundry room, and the playroom is "water! deep deep water!" and they are "in motorboats!" and "wearing hats!" and "going so fast!" and "the wind blows the hats off!!!!"

K & O pull the door-draft-blocker-thingy away from the door, and use it as a speed bump and "the trucks go bump bump!" and "the cars go soooo fast on the bump bump!" and "bump bump! bump bump!" and "did you seeeee that that?! did you see that bump bump?!!"

K & O get some tupperware containers out of the kitchen drawer, and then use the base of the "Elefun" toy as a "blender!" with a "loud motor!" to "make yogurt smoothie!!" and the Elefun butterflies are "strawberries!" and "did you hear that?!!! that blender is soooo loud!" and "did you seeee that?! those strawberries came out of that blender!!!!" and "GOTTA PUT THOSE STRAWBERRIES BACK IN THAT BLENDER!!!"

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