Saturday, January 27, 2007

Guest Blogger: Alex

This is Guest Blog Post #2 from Alex (in case you didn't read Guest Blog Post #1, and would like to, click here)
Saturday Guest Blog from aLeX:

Tonight was a joy to be with my favorite boys, just like every other second I spend with them. As the boys finished their dinners and Mama and Papi went to the infamous restaurant, the beautiful angels were asked if they wanted ice cream or a popcycle. They both chose the same, of course, which was the yummy peanut butter ice cream…along with the requested whip cream and sprinkles (and for the life of me I can’t remember for some reason what they call sprinkles…darnit!) As we sat there Owen turns to me and says “Alex, we missed you!” Of course this just makes my heart completely melt and I smile from ear to ear! “I missed you, too, love!” I replied…feeling as though that just wasn’t enough to verbally explain my profound feelings and affection and love I have towards both of them. “I missed you, too!” echoed Kyle….I LOVE THESE BOYS!! Talk about makin a person feel special…golly gee! Then Owen started playing with my necklace and says, “what’s this, alex?” “It’s a neck-liss” I reply trying to annunciate carefully so he’s able to pick up the word. “Neck-liss” he says back. “It’s a pretty necklace, alex” ß what a schmoozer!!!! I can just see it now…Owen and Kyle bringin in their hot dates with the wind!!! Anyhoo…they gobbled their yummy desert up pretty quickly and off they were to play with their toys. Owen picked up the saw and started making the engine noise before even pushing the button! Kyle soon followed suit and they both worked together to “chop down the Christmas tree” to “make it pretty.” (Have I ever said that they’re the most enlightening, uplifting two boys I’ve ever babysat for in my life??!!! I just love these darn kids!) Before I knew it they were putting away the saws and driving around the kitchen on their trains as fast as they possibly could, confusing Cyprus as to which way to run because they each came from opposite directions! “Beep Beep, Cyprus!” Kyle yells. A few moments of time pass by and then Owen announces that its video time. “Bath-time first!” I tell them. “Oh, I can’t, alex,” says Owen. “mmmmHmmm….suuurrreeee,” I reply. “So you do YOU want to take a bath, Kyle?” Kyle looks at Owen for some help with the answer. The answer isn’t exactly a surprise: “No thank you, Alex!” “Owen, do you want to take a bath?” “No thank you, Alex! Video time!” “Nope! Not yet…pj’s first!” So we march upstairs to a few different random tunes that Kyle and Owen choose and we complete the normal routine minus the bath: brush teeth, wash face, change diaper, put on pjs, and look at each other through the mirror. Finally, the most exciting moment has arrived: new video time! Woohoo!!! So we gallop downstairs with Cyprus close at our heels and watch the amazing Dora and Diego rescue the animals in the jungle, being sure to help them along the way on their journey. After two episodes the attention starts to wander and Kyle’s eyes are heavy, so I decide it’s time for night-nights. They both go down beautifully and magically and are now sleeping quietly and hopefully dreaming about their great adventures with Dora and Diego and the wolf pups! I could do this nanny thing as a full-time job for sure. These boys are just perfect in every way! Probably because they live within one of the most amazing families I’ve ever met. I love you all with all my heart! ~Alex

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