Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One Child, by LMA

Sunrise Two Years Ago, looking out from our hotel room in Haiti, 2005

One Child
by L.M.A., November 2000

One child for a nation speaks
Her eyes, they ask, implore-
Will you?
She is innocence personified
She is hope
She is future
What will you answer?
Hunger- she has known it
Pain- she has felt it
Tears- her parents cry them
because they wanted only joy
for her
for Haiti
Yet, when she smiles, when she laughs-
that baby laugh, that knows no sorrow
In that moment
when her eyes are shining-
she again speaks for a nation
She asks-
Will you?
But, it matters not because
given the chance
SHE will.

Heather & Kyle's Hands Two Years Ago, at home, 2005

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