Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MorMor is Back!

We got home from Atlanta at 11pm on Monday night. We were all drained from the trip, and Braydon had a bit of a flu bug (which I now have too). The refrigerator was empty. I had not even the faintest of a plan for meals for the week. And there's a lot going on with work right now for both Braydon and I. But... not to worry!!!... MorMor is Back!!!!!! :) She arrived yesterday afternoon with a car full of groceries and a heart full of energy. God, what would I do without my mother? I feel so fortunate, so blessed, and so so so grateful for her in our lives. And of course the boys are in HEAVEN when she is here. And putting this all over the edge -- putting us all on Cloud 900 -- my dad arrives tonight! We get to have MorMor and MorFar with us until Sunday morning. It feels blissful.

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