Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New T Shirts

This past weekend, after we went to the shoe store and before we went to the Macaroni Grill, we went to the Toys-r-us as an activity. This Toys-r-Us seems to do well for us - the first time we were there, we saw three other sets of multiples. The last time we were there we saw triplets. This past time we were there we were approached by a really cool black family who saw us in the parking lot and made a b line to talk to us. We chatted about locked hair - that was pretty great.

During our Toys-r-us excursion, Heather spotted two T shirts - one Thomas the Tank Engine and one Go Diego Go; both on sale, both boys favorites. Thomas for Owen, Diego for Kyle - Go Heather Go. And actually, I would have thought that Owen would have had a stronger preference for the Thomas shirt than Kyle for the Diego shirt.

Oh, if only it were so. For those regular readers, you'll know that we really always need to buy two of the same things. We learn this lesson again and again.

This morning, Heather had picked out two cutie pie outfits with the choice shirts in the mix. As soon as Kyle saw he was wearing Diego, he was thrilled and excited to get dressed. As soon as Owen saw that he was wearing Thomas (or that Kyle was wearing Diego, not sure which came first), there was a total and complete tantrum meltdown. Owen really really wanted to wear the Diego shirt.

After much crying and kicking, Owen settled down and got his Thomas shirt on. However, he dissed the outfit Heather had picked out and actually picked out a shirt to go over the Thomas shirt. Wow does he have a sense of style already or what?

By the end of day care, he loved his shirt and wore it happily. A good ending to a day without the Diego shirt.

However, all is not settled. When I was putting Owen to bed, he whispered to me: "Papi, I want Diego shirt."

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