Thursday, March 22, 2007

First: Queso Dip

Some of you who are reading this know this about me: I love queso dip. It is probably my #1 all-time worst junk food downfall. Jessica and Patricia and Jen Slavin and Kristen... this one's for you! :) You know how much I love queso dip. Braydon took this photo with his cell phone last night. It is Owen chowing down on his first queso dip at Don Pablo's Mexican Kitchen (click here). He loved the stuff. O.k. girlfriends, seriously... is that not my boy?!! Kyle reacted kind of like Braydon does to queso dip -- he could take it or leave it, and was much more focused on his drink (in the case of last night: milk for Kyle, margarita for Braydon). But Owen -- after a couple tastes of it, he pulled that whole bowl of queso right over to himself and hoarded it like only a true queso lover does. Even scraping the last bits of cheesey gooiness out of the bowl at the end. Man oh man did he make me proud. Now that's my boy!!!!!

1 comment:

Patricia said...

Ha! Owen is definitely his mother's son.