Friday, March 30, 2007

Quote of the Day: "...I'm not listening!"

At bedtime tonight Owen was acting up because it was his night with Braydon and he wanted to be with me (click here to read my "Quotes of the Day" post from this past Monday with an explanation about our current bedtime situation). Braydon and I have just about had it with these bedtime fiascos. Braydon crouched down and said very firmly: "Owen, tonight there is no acting up. Tomorrow you'll have Mama. Tonight you have Papi. No acting up!" Owen then proceeded to very rambunctiously act up. Within a few seconds, before Braydon could even react, Owen stopped everything, stood perfectly still, looked up at Braydon, and said: "Papi, I'm so mad at myself!" Braydon said, "Why are you so mad at yourself?" And Owen said: "Papi, I'm so mad at myself because I'm not listening!" We had all we could do to not break into hysterics.

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