Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boys in Fountains

How things change and how much they are the same....

Today I checked my cell phone and there was a MMS from Alex. She was babysitting the boys, snapped a picture of them and text'd it to me. How cool is that? How sweet is that? How nuts is that? I remember we had a rotary dial phone in our house with the four-prong plug when I was a kid. I am sure there are others reading this blog who remember far more changes. It was a super big deal when I got my 110 camera that had 24 shots on it. I loved walkie-talkies, but they didn't send pictures. I am so psyched about this though - I got to see a snap shot into their day - at the moment it was happening.

But somethings never really change I am coming to realize. And if any one is timeless in their jubilant approach to life, it's K&O. Two boys, a fountain and a beautiful day. They love that thing and they know how to find fun where ever they go!

If I had been really cool, I would have actually noticed when she sent the message, and would have replied back with something like: lol - 2cute -thx 4 the pic - ttyl! But I'm not - I missed it by an hour and a half.

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