Monday, May 21, 2007

Scenes from the Weekend

Friday Night In The Tub
The final installment of Snorkeling 101. The boys' instructor (a.k.a. Papi) assures me that they are now fully ready to move from the bathtub to the open seas.
Saturday Afternoon at Nate's Birthday Party
Our next door neighbors threw a big bash for their son Nate's 7th Birthday. Kyle and Owen were guests of honor -- despite the age difference, they are Nate and Ambika's best friends since coming home from India in October.

Owen's Attempt at Nate's Birthday Party Pinata
Even though they were the youngest kids at the party, everyone fully expected that either Owen or Kyle would break open the pinata... I was genuinely happy that instead it was the birthday boy himself who did!

Nate's Birthday Cake
The boys made sure they had front row seats, of course. They were dismayed when Nate (who doesn't know the traditions yet -- this was his first birthday in the U.S.A.) blew out all of his candles before everyone had finished singing the "Happy Birthday To You" song.

Saturday Night With Alex
Alex babysat on Saturday night while Braydon and I went out to dinner with the Uhrigs. Alex now regularly sends photos from her phone to Braydon's phone while we're out. She sent this message at 8:00... she had given the boys a bath, they were in their pajamas, and about to go to bed.

Sunday at the Park I
We didn't have the camera with us, so Braydon took this photo with his cell phone of the boys playing in a little stream...

Sunday at the Park II
...and exploring the shoreline of a little pond.

Dinner Wearing Backpacks
We're trying to get the boys accustomed to wearing their backpacks so that they will hopefully wear them (and carry some stuff in them!) while we're travelling and on vacation...

Playing Before Bed... Wearing Backpacks

Sunday Night Tradition
Quite frequently on Sunday nights Braydon and I wait until after the boys go to bed to eat our dinner -- often we're too exhausted to make a real meal, so we eat a dinner of appetizers and watch Extreme Home Makeover together.

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Yum! I love the fotos of baby in tub with mask on....... Is he really learning to scuba dive???