Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yesterday's Top Three Moments

--OR-- Three Things that can Truly make a mom of Twin Three-Year-Olds feel Tremendously Terrific:

1) Yesterday when I picked up the boys from daycare they did what they have done almost every single daycare day for the past two years... when they spotted me approaching, they starting jumping up and down yelling at the tops of their lungs "My Mama is here!!! Yay my mommy!!! Mama mama mama!!!" As soon as I was to them they were jumping all over me, hugging me. Nothing could make a working mom feel much better than that... except... it just so happened that no other parents were there when I was, and one of the daycare staff/'teachers' said to me: "Do you realize that you get by far the biggest welcome of any other parent?? No other parents get that kind of response from their kids when they come to pick them up! Kyle and Owen just adore you!!!!!!" Um, o.k., it does not get much better than that!!!

2) After daycare pick-up I brought the boys to the drugstore to buy each of them a new toy car to bring on vacation [very random, but Eckerd drug store seriously has the absolutely BEST toy cars on the planet -- and they are less than $3 each]... We were looking at all the toy cars and I was telling the boys they could each choose one. They were both having a really hard time deciding which one to choose. Kyle said, "Mama, which one do I choose?" I said, "I don't know baby, which one is your favorite? which one do you like the best?" Owen stops everything, turns away from the toy cars, gets right up close to my face and says, with total sincerity: "My mommy is the best mommy."

3) Last night was Hair Night (we re-twisted the boys' dreds)... which means we all sit on the floor of the family room and K & O eat their supper while watching videos as Braydon and I do their hair. I put the boys' supper in these containers (see below) for hair night... Their supper was (clockwise from top left): soy nuggets & ketchup, raw baby carrot chunks, cherry tomatoe halves, wheat bread with roasted-red-pepper-hummus. When Kyle saw his supper he said, "Oooooh Mama!!! Look at my supper!!! You make me a happy happy boy my mommy!!!"


theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

This so warms my heart. Thank you for sharing.


luxhie said...

I am in the middle of a playdate/sleepover right now, and just found your blog.

I am loving this...loving the love.

They just wow you, don't they, when they express this ooey-gooey-better-than-chocolate-cookie-love-for-Mommy?

Will be back!