Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby Tiger

Well, currently, in this house golf is the "it" sport... as many of you who read this blog know. Kyle and Owen (especially Kyle) have been able to accurately identify Tiger Woods when they see him on t.v., on billboards, and in magazines since they were about 22 months old ("Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Hit the ball Tiger!!!"). Long before K & O came around I was interested in the Tiger Phenomenon. I've followed the race-related commentaries and critiques about his questionable racialized quotes and actions; Tiger is loaded with racialized complexities; It is sociologically fascinating (and at times infuriating). Anyway... his inter-racial marriage is old news. The big news now, of course, is the Baby Tiger. (I told Kyle the other day that "Tiger had a baby!" Kyle said, "A baby tiger??") Today I was catching up on some blogs. A lot of the culture/race-related blogs have been addressing the baby "cub" since her birth. I came across this great post from a blogger I like: Click here.

3 comments: said...

I love the comments your children come up with. They are so natural and sweet. I wish my little girls and your little boys had an opportunity to meet. I think they would get along so splendidly. (sp?) Too cute for words.

Mrs. J said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. I really like yours as well (and your boys are growing so beautifully!).

We're passing through PA on our way to TX and will be here for the next two weeks. We'd love to meet for a twin playdate if you're around and not too far from Phila. Please email me if you have time! Happy summer. :)

Mrs. J said...

First - thank you for linking to my blog! Second - and you'll never believe this...I saw your twins today at the Phila. Zoo! I hope I didn't frighten them when I came up to them in the petting zoo and said "I think I might know your mommy!" Anyway - we're in the area for the next few weeks and I'd love to get our kids together if you're available. Please email me when you have time! mbj