Friday, June 29, 2007

Grand Plans

Last night at bedtime when I was trying to get Owen into his pajamas he kept lingering in front of his mirror in his bedroom. Looking right at his own reflection he said to me: "Look at me mommy! I'm a man!" He then said, "No!!! I'm not a man! I'm a big boy! But I will be a man! When I am a man I will be a captain! A captain of a ferry! A new ferry! A big ferry! And I will drive it so fast! Very very fast! I will drive it to Virgin Gorda! Me and my brother both. We will both be captains!!!"

This morning at breakfast I said to Kyle: "Kyle, Owen says he will be a captain of a ferry when he grows up. What will you be when you grow up?" Before Kyle could answer Owen said: "You will be a captain too, right Kyle? We will both be captains." Kyle nodded, "Yes, Owen, I will be a captain. You and me both. We will both be captains." Then Kyle paused as he thought this through. "No!" he said, "No! I will be a pilot! I will drive a airplane! A big airplane! Up in the sky! So high! Very very high! Me and my brother both. We will both be pilots!!!"

1 comment: said...

So, he dreams big. He could very well be a pilot or a Captain someday....The sky is the limit for your little miracles.