Saturday, June 30, 2007

Water acrobatics

As you may recall from posts about our recent vacation, we went snorkeling with the boys - which was AWESOME. And as you have probably seen from the pictures, we're having a great summer in the swimming pool. But it's not just a great summer enjoying the cool refreshing waters, it's a great summer for water acrobatics.

Here is the list of things that the boys like to do and can do in the pool at the moment (they are 3 yrs, 2 months old):

  1. Float underwater looking at the bottom. Max breath hold time to date: 12 seconds.
  2. Swim from me to Heather underwater - across the pool (yes, swim - kicking and with a "breast stroke" kind of thing).
  3. Pop up and catch a breath.
  4. Jump off the side of the pool and go under in the shallow end.
  5. Dive (Owen - head first, Kyle - belly first) in the shallow end; pop up and swim to us.
  6. Run and jump off the side and swim over.
  7. Run and dive off the side and swim over.
  8. Run and twisting - spinning jump and swim over.
  9. Do the same in the deep end and swim to us underwater. Owen can swim about 20 feet under water from a dive.
  10. Dive off the side, swim down, touch the bottom.
  11. Dive off the side, swim down, touch the bottom and grab diving toys.
  12. Dive/jump off the side and swim to the steps.
  13. Forward flip dive off the side of the pool. Legs go all the way over in the air with head hitting the water first (this is mostly Owen and a little scary to watch).

It's really true. I will try to catch some video of it soon.

Owen is a total natural in the water. He is to water as Kyle is to golf. Oh - I forgot to mention - Kyle hit the ball 55 yards last week with his 5 wood.

We sometimes joke about how it's clearly not our genetics that give them this amazing physical ability. Even if people tell Heather regularly how much they look like us. All we can do is encourage it - not that we really have to do much to do even that.

2 comments: said...

Holy moly! Where did they learn to swim at their age?! This is amazing.

I want to share something with you that touched me to my heart recently. I will e-mail you privately.

happy mom said...

I am very impressed! I am sure it helps that you have a pool, but really that is so great. My son loves swimming but I have been slow to get him in lessons, I am more motivated now.