Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Photos

For better or for worse we let the boys each take photos tonight. They actually held the camera, looked at the digital screen to see what they were composing, pushed the button, and took the shots. Here they are:

Owen's first photo-- of Kyle and Papi-- shockingly, he actually got Kyle to look right at the candle and smile, which is something Braydon and I find almost impossible to achieve.

Kyle's first photo-- of Owen and Mama-- not quite such a perfected shot as the one above... however... Kyle was able to achieve something possibly even more shocking: at the young age of three he was able to capture the true essence of the end-of-a-long-day-of-him-being-sick on the faces of his brother and mother.

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Anonymous said...

Remember all those cool articles we found on giving kids cameras so they can document their own worlds?? :)

I miss you!!!