Sunday, June 24, 2007

Owen & Kyle Today

We were up all night with Kyle who had a fever. He spikes fevers really high -- last night our highest reading was 104.9 at 4:30 a.m. (and that's with an ear thermometer, which they say is always a degree or two lower than the real temperature?!)... Even though Kyle has always had high fevers when he's sick it is still scary. Braydon had him at the clinic when it opened first thing this morning. He's on an antibiotic and on the mend. We're sure he'll be just fine, but it is super hard on our whole family when one of us is sick (and wow doesn't one of us getting sick just make us realize how close to the edge of everything falling apart we are living???!!!; It is hard to manage it all on a good day, let alone a sick day). Today was a tough day. But more than any of us, Owen HATES it when Kyle's sick. He loses his best-friend-playmate for the day... all of our plans for family fun get thrown out the window... and worst of all... his twin brother gets tons of attention which just drives him (understandably) nuts. Kyle is very demanding when he is sick. He demands constant attention and requires that he is held (usually by me) 24 x 7. That alone is very hard on Owen. And Owen lets us know it. Anyway, while Braydon and Kyle were at the clinic this morning I was at home with Owen. We've been working on two big things lately and this morning -- with the one-on-one time -- Owen mastered them both. Owen was so proud to show off: 1] how well he can put his moisturizer lotion on and rub it fully into his skin all by himself (photo above), and 2] how he can zipper his own vest all by himself (photo below). We also went to the grocery store together this morning -- just Owen and I. And although I have no photos to show it, I can attest that at the grocery store he was so proud to show off: 3] how when out and about without his twin brother side-kick he can still charm the socks off of many of the shoppers all by himself (and what a joy to go grocery shopping with just one three year old instead of two!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

P.S. About the first photo--- "Barack the Vote. Obama 2008." --- It is a tough call, but I'm pretty sure I'm standing behind Obama for the next election. However, I'm VERY sure, knowing my boys, that they would definately vote Barack all the way if they could.

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cloudscome said...

I hope your little guy is feeling better. I tagged you today for a meme.