Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Donald & Douglas James Go On a "Jumbo Bus"

Kyle (in blue) with his baby Donald,
Owen (in red) with his baby Douglas James
_ _ _
They were on a "Jumbo Bus!"; it was "an airport bus!"; they were in "San Juan"; "at the airport"; on their way to "Virgin Gorda!!!" * They were "bringing the babies on a big trip!"; it was "a VACATION!"; they were going to "bring babies to the BEACH!"; and "teach babies to snorkel!"; and "sleep with babies at night-night!" * The babies were "not scared"; "no, no, no!"; the babies were "super excited!"; "VERY EXCITED!" * But the babies were "crying"; because the "babies cry when they are hungry"; and these babies were "VERY HUNGRY!" * They "could not wait!"; they needed to "feed Douglas James his bottle!"; and "feed Donald his bottle!"; right there "inside the big huge Jumbo Bus!" * In the bottles was "fomla" [formula]; and it was "warm fomla"; and it was "many, many fomlas!"; and the babies "like to drink warm fomla!" * They were "feeding them on the Jumbo Bus!"; and the bus was "going in the airport"; the "San Juan airport!"; and they were "taking care of their babies on the Jumbo Bus" * They each had with them their "baby bag"; and "in the baby bag is a toy, and a bottle, and a wipes"; it is "all for the babies!!!" * After they fed them [for a very, very long time] then they had to "change these babies' diapers!"; because they were "soooo poopie!"; and they needed to "use the wipes!"; to "clean them up!"; and "give them a new diaper!"; and "get them dressed!" * Then they were "back on the Jumbo Bus!"; the babies were "sooooo sleepy!"; and they "put them in their blankets!"; "so nice and warmy!" * And they did it all over and over and over again... non-stop for about 40 minutes... and it was all so very involved.


Ani said...

They are going to make wonderful parents!
I have to ask, who came up with the babies' names?

Heather said...

Re: the babies' names--- K & O named them. See this post from January 21, 2007:


Ledell said...

You write very well.