Monday, November 19, 2007

Jonah's Birthday Party

Saturday we went to Jonah's 4th Birthday Party. K & O love birthday parties. Many of their friends from school were there, and the boys had a blast-- of course. But this party was actually super fun for everyone -- it might have been the best kid-party I've ever been to. No joke. It was at a really nice Japanese Hibachi Restaurant. At first, when we got the invitation, I thought 'oh my gosh, a restaurant party -like, at a nice restaurant- for 3 & 4 year olds?! It will be mayhem!!!!!' But the kids were mesmorized by the exciting live hibachi cooking (including lots of fire!) and the result was that I've never seen so many little kids behave so well in a restaurant-- ever! A highlight for K & O was that we got to sit at a table with their three best friends from school. Kyle sat right next to his very best friend (click here for backstory), and the two of them were so cute together laughing and playing and trying to use their chopsticks. Kyle kept saying "Will, you see that?! You see that Will?!" (when the Hibachi Chef would do something dramatic), and "Will, you like the chicken?! I love the chicken Will!! You like the noodles Will?! I love the noodles Will!!" Turned out to be a really great time (and the really great food was just the icing on the cake--- so to speak)! Kyle did announce later, however, that for as much as he loved Jonah's party, he still wants to have his birthday party in our backyard. :)

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