Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to School

The River Valley Waldorf School's Winter Break is over, and today is the boys' first day back to school. Owen was ambivalent about going back to school, but Kyle was very excited about it. They were both, however, very excited to wear their "I'm going to be a Big Brother" shirts to school today. These are now their favorite clothing items of choice. They'd wear them 24x7 if they could. Kyle, especially, just couldn't wait to get dressed this morning. From the time he woke up until Braydon drove off with them 10 minutes ago, Kyle kept saying to me, "Mommy, I can't wait to go to school!" We couldn't tell how much of his excitement was about school vs. how much of his excitement was about the shirt. About 1/2 hour before the boys had to head out Kyle started saying "I don't want to wear my coat today." He's never done this before. It is supposed to be in the 50s today, but still... he has to wear his coat. I kept saying, "Well, you have to wear it." He'd say, "But why??? I don't want to wear my coat. Please no coat?" Finally it dawned on me... I said, "Ky Ky, do you want no coat because you want to walk through the whole school to your classroom so that everyone can see your shirt?!" Huge grin on his face, he shouted "YES! YES! Please? So please?!" Braydon agreed that he would carry Kyle's coat for him so that Kyle could walk into school loud-and-proud with his big-announcement-shirt. From then on Kyle was dancing all around the house singing "I love school, I love baby sister, I love school, I love baby sister, I can't wait for school, I can't wait for baby sister, baby sister is coming after my birthday." At one point he interrupted this song and dance to say, "Hey, I have an idea! When it is my birthday, I can share my birthday presents with my baby sister!!!" This, for Kyle, who is the ultimate-lover-of-birthday-and-supreme-lover-of-presents, was kind of huge. Braydon and I looked at each other in total shock. "No, sweetie," I said, "when it is your birthday your presents are going to be just for you." He lit up with delight, "O.k.!" He said. "I have an even better idea! How about Baby Sister can have her own birthday??!!!!" I said, "Yes! She'll have her own birthday!" Then he continued on with the very animated song and dance until it was time to go. Owen, of course, jumped right on the no-coat-boat with his brother and wanted nothing to do with wearing anything that might cover up his special shirt. I can only imagine the stories Braydon will be telling when he gets back from dropping them off!


Braydon said...

We headed into school with them wearing hats, gloves and NO coats - too funny! When we got into the classroom - Kyle walked up to the nearest parent and said:

"Something special on my shirt!" The parent read it and said WOW! Kyle then went up to his teacher who (already knew the news) and said WOW! He was sooooo thrilled.

Jess said...

baby sister can have her _own_ birthday -- what a great solution.

Hooray for back-to-school, and for the love that pours out of these kids in all directions, twd everything from baby sister to Christmas lights!

Malia'sMama said...

I hope they are still as excited about baby sister when she's actually HERE! But, from what I have seen (read) of these 2 little wonders, they will likely be even more enamoured that ever!!! How are you FEELING, H?

Heather said...

Hi 'Malia's Mama'-- nice to hear from you. :)
I don't think K & O really have any idea what they're in for with a baby added to our mix!!! LOL!!! I worry how they'll react when she's actually HERE! But time will tell. ;0
Thanks for asking about *me*! I'm feeling pretty good but just absolutely exhausted just about 100% of the time! I barely get through the days. And right now I'd do just about anything for a homemade carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting but there is no way on EARTH that I have the energy to make that for myself!!! (and my dear husband is *not* a cook). Otherwise, I'm good!
Thanks for checking in on me blogger friend!

This Mama said...

ah-hem..."something special on my shirt"

Everytime I check in on your guys I leave smiling...thanks for sharing your precious memories. There is so much joy in your home, such a positive energy.

Christine said...

What a cute story! Your kids sound very loving towards each other. What a blessing.

Malia'sMama said...

Exhaustion sounds right on target, but with those bundles of energy around- geesh! Must be much harder to rest.
Wish I oould help with the carrot cake. Is there not a good bakery in town? Braydon may not cook, but I'll bet he does a mean pick up and delivery back to Mama. :)Continued blessings for all of you. Hey! Will oyu call her June? lol