Monday, January 14, 2008

Patricia Visits!

We spent the weekend with our friend Patricia, who came to visit us from Boston. Patricia is an old friend from our Boston graduate school days. She and I were in the same PhD program years back. We've had some good times studying Schutz, The Frankfurt School, etc. for our comprehensive exams together (??!!?!). We've had some good times going through the PhD-hoops-plus-20-something-angst together (??!!?!). Those are bonding times!!! But in all seriousness, she got real close to Braydon too, and together with a ton of Boston friends we've all had some really good times together -- many of them over dinner in various Boston apartments or over drinks in various Boston bars (margaritas and queso dip at The Border Cafe immediately come to mind)! We were with each other when we were really growing up. But now we see her rarely. However, she's one of the best kinds of old friends -- you start right back up where you left off (depsite not having seen each other for ages), and things are relaxed as can be. Owen and Kyle love her, and all five of us had a good time together for a weekend of doing nothing but everything. A highlight was going to Cosi for lunch and then having s'mores for dessert... with K & O as the "Cheffers" (some kind of twisted twinspeak verbal combo of "cooker" and "chef"). Patricia also got to see plenty of baseball action and Diego videos! ;0 She took a bunch of cute photos-- many of the photos on this post were taken by her. Last night while I was getting Owen ready for bed he said, "Mommy, I'm so sad." I said, "Why are you sad?" He said, "Because Patricia left us." So sad to have her go, but so fun to have had her here!!! Thank you for coming Patricia!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
That sounds like you had a wonderful time! The Border Cafe? Oh my! We uesd to live in Cambridge and spend some very nice nights there. I miss our old home! Thank for bringing up memories.

Kathrin (from Germany)

Patricia said...

That is so sweet! I was sad leaving Owen (and Kyle!) too. :) I really had a great time. It was sooo nice to be together and catch up.

Rony said...

you look like you had so much fun. but your boys look like they reeeeeally love Patricia.

Let me get this straight. You got your Phd in your 20s?! Damn girl you one schmart momma...