Thursday, January 10, 2008

Concerns About Baby Sister

Right now, K & O seem to have two --and only two-- major concerns about Baby Sister. But they are serious, grave concerns. They are:
1) That I will "pee pee on her when she is getting born"
2) That I will "let her come out before she is ready to get born"

Yesterday, in the bathroom of the grocery store, both of these concerns were at monumental levels. The three of us (K, O, H) were in a single stall together. K & O peed, then it was my turn. As is the usual routine, I sat there peeing as K & O both stood, less then a foot away, all serious looks on their faces, observing me pee (their fascination that "girls pee sitting down" continues in full force). Suddenly, Kyle got a look of utter panic on his face: "DON'T LET BABY SISTER COME OUT MOMMY!!! SHE'S NOT READY TO GET BORN YET! SHE'S TOO LITTLE! DON'T LET HER OUT!!!!!!!!!" Then Owen was struck with panic too: "DON'T PEE ON HER! MOMMY, DO NOT PEE PEE ON HER!!!!!!!" I said, "I won't guys, I won't pee on her, and I won't let her come out, don't worry." But by now the panic was intense. They continued: "Don't pee on her! Don't let her out! MOMMY!!! Be CAREFUL!!!!!!!" I was saying, "Don't worry guys! Don't worry! I'm the mommy, it is my job to take care of her, don't worry!" Their voices became increasingly raised to the point that both of them were so loud that they surely couldn't hear anything I was saying to try to calm them down. Their attitude can only be described as an entirely-concerned-big-brothers... and totally 100% protective--- to the Nth degree. In that moment, neither of them could have cared less about me. It was all about Baby Sister. I can only imagine what the other ladies outside our stall (using/waiting for the restroom) were thinking!!*@!?!!! And I can only imagine what poor 'Baby Sister' will be going through when she's, oh, about 14, and they're, oh, about 18?!!!!!!!!*!@!?!!!!!!!!


Tim & Sarah said...

What a great story! I would have had a hard time keeping a straight face had I been the one listening one the other side of the stall!!!

Malia'sMama said...

All I know is that if I'd been in that washroom I would've peed myself listening to them! LOL
Adorable, Heather. Hey do they know HOW baby sister even "came to be"? Theyare so precocious, that I am wondering if you've had to have "the talk" :)

Amy said...

You told them how she was going to born?!?! Why didn't you let them believe that she was coming out your belly button? Just kidding. That's hysterical. And where is their father while you're peeing with them in the stall with you? I have two girls, 17 and 14 and our son is 10 and not home from Haiti yet (after 28 months!) so I have not had to experience peeing with little boys with me. Every one in my hubby's family has all boys or all girls. For a couple years the girl cousins all lived in the same town. Then all the boys came one Christmas and one of them was standing up peeing and the second to the youngest girl cousin came by and said, "Hey, how you do that?" Too funny. Do you plan to breastfeed? I highly recommend it but it also poses awkward moments with older siblings. BTDT. Consider yourself forewarned. Thanks for the laughs and keep the stories coming.
Amy (TN)

Mayhem said...


And their voices were probably amplified in a bathroom.

Too, too funny!

Rony said...

I laughed out loud when I read this. I have so much blog catching up to do. We've been under the weather here since New Year's. Just coming out of it. I'll be back to see what your fam-dango has been up to.


erin said...

OMG, too funny! I laughed reading it, I can imagine how funny it was in person!

The boys, the dog and I took the ferry home without Daddy from my parents' after the holidays. All of us had to pee. All four of us, dog included, entered the stall together. We only got one dirty look, which neither the boys nor the dog noticed.

Cindy from central NC said...

Hiya, Heather.
Yep, ditto with me. I've not been blogging at all since Thanksgiving. Just posted today for first time in almost 2 months...But hope to get back into the swing of things. Hey, sure great to hear all about Baby Sister. Wow, sounds like K&O are having a blast with this. Yay for all you guys.
Hope all is well!!

laurafingerson said...

I was thinking about your excellent story and it makes total sense. K&O just finished potty training and what they learn is to "hold it". So, you are "holding Baby sister in" for nine whole months and you must have to work to hold her in. Just like it is work to hold it until getting to the bathroom. Don't have an accident and let her out! Be sure to "hold it" until you get to the doctor's office after Baby Sister is done baking and the 9+ months are up! Wow, Heather, you are amazing for being able to "hold her in" for that long! Here K&O only have to wait a few minutes before reaching a potty! (Can you tell that all I think about is potty training right now?!)

Anonymous said...

That is one of the funniest stories I think I have ever heard.
I am right behind you and due on June 17th.
My daughter is 7, so all she is concerned about it NOT having to change poopy diapers. :)

McDonald Clan said...

That was hilarious!:) Thanks for sharing!