Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Post For Braydono

"Papi" is away for "two sleeps" on a "work trip" where he is "talking to the man" but "soon he'll come back" and then he will "absolutely" and "definitely" be ready to "play airplanes" and "be the control tower" (all K & O speak; all quotes from today). Braydono-- here are some photos I took for you this afternoon/evening because I know you, therefore, I know you'll be checking your laptop in your hotel room tonight. ;)
P.S. Mark this date in history-- the boys were better than they've ever been in the grocery store this afternoon, it was actually a pleasure to go food shopping with them today!! Who would have ever thunk it?!?!!!!!

B-- here are O & K in our bathtub;
they spent over an hour in our tub and then shower.


After bath snack (while I got their supper ready), watching the "new" Diego video you got from NetFlix.
Note: their "snack" was an entire 12 oz (1 full pound!) package of strawberries and an entire 4.4 oz package of blueberries (they ate the entire two packages) and that was after they shared a banana and before they ate their entire dinners. ?!
FYI: The "Otter" video is a huge, huge hit.
And the fact I let them watch a video on a "school day" was a huge, huge hit too! ;)

Can't help but throw this one in too--
They wanted me to be the Control Tower. I tried. But they told me that they "like the way Papi does it"!!! LOL!!!
I'm sure you're just really missing the planes/masking tape runway... right?! ;0

Even though it is only "two sleeps" we miss you!


Marcy "meg" said...

so cute!!!

I can only imagine how much he misses you guys too!

laurafingerson said...

I totally did the masking tape on the floor for roads for my girls' cars, but I think they were too young at the time. I was all bummed that they didn't get into it. So happy me to see Owen and Kyle liking the tape runway! I gotta try it again! :) The planes are awesome, by the way.

erin said...

We count Daddy's time away as "sleepies," too. I'm glad you had a good shopping trip. It makes all the difference in the stress levels.