Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rock Climbing!!!

Today was K & O's first big-time climbing adventure! We took them to an Indoor Rock Climbing Center. The place is serious-- over 7,000 square feet of indoor rock climbing surface. The boys free-climbed a lot, but the highlight was that they each got to have five "rope climbs" (as K & O called it) -- belayed by a very cool rock climber on the staff of the center. K & O were by far the youngest people in the place, but they definitely held their own on the walls!!! Kyle, in particular, was absolutely amazing... the staff guy called him a "natural rock climber," and even Braydon and I were pretty stunned/impressed with what we witnessed our 3 year old do. Owen was totally into it too, he was just --as usual-- not quite as fearless as Kyle. Both of them loved it and can't wait to go back for more. Their favorite part was belaying down with the ropes/harnesses! [as always, click on any photo to enlarge]

Our cool staff guy outfits the boys with their gear.
They start free-climbing without being fastened in.
First "rope climb" - Owen belays down.
Owen loves indoor rock climbing!
Kyle loves indoor rock climbing!
O & K take a break (much to our surprise, they initiated this), to watch the "grown ups doing rope climbs" for a while... They get inspired...
...Immediately after watching the adult climbers, K & O insist on more "rope climbs" for themselves. On his first try, Kyle makes it all the way up the wall to touch the ceiling. This was seriously impressive...
...and Kyle was justly delighted with himself (as were his mama, his brother, and his climbing coach)!
Owen climbs high too, not quite touching the ceiling, but high nonetheless!
Way into climbing!!!


8 comments: said...

Colin says that rock wall "looks scary," and I must admit I concur. K & O, you guys are FFFTs (fabulously fit and fearless twins). A most impressive ascent--Hillary and Norgay would have been proud...

∞ttim cbnoqxcvbnm
(Colin [his signature-lol] and his mom)

Malia'sMama said...

Are you SURE these little monkeys are THREE! This would be amazing at twice their age! Way to go, guys!!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh - how awesome!

Anonymous said...

they are amazing! looks like they had a blast!


T&T Livesay said...

love you guys. thank you for caring for us. We're humbled by your kindness ... hoping God makes a way to meet in real life ... but thankful to know you this way ... God Bless.

tara for all

Rony said...

I am so impressed that they are rock climbing at 3 years old!!! Amazing.

Kathy said...

I took my kids to try a rock wall in December and they did great. I was another story.

trish said...

So cool!!! It takes physical AND mental stamina to do that and at THREE!?!?!