Monday, January 28, 2008



crazylady said...

Thank you Heather for your input! Your family is special and incredible beyond words, but you two are a dynamic duo who had their eyes wide open. You have travelled around the world and understand hard life.
My post was sparked by off line stories. They were devastated by their child's condition. I wanted to hit home that this thing we do in adoption is anchored in love but should be based in realistic plans.
Your sons are truly blessed beyond words. I feel the same way about our girls. At no point did we consider backing out. I just want to remind people to do their research.
THanks again!

maia said...

Wonderful blog, beautiful pictures! I found you through your comment on Sen's blog and really appreciated your viewpoint. Like you, I'm a glass-half-full person. I never expected things to be 100% rosy in this life, and I've been through some tough things myself - and that's OK. It's more than worth it for the wonder and joy that is so much of life. We've been through some rollercoasters in the adoption process already, but it hasn't dampened our enthusiasm. It's part of the adventure. Thanks for saying it so well.

Malia'sMama said...

Their concentration is a hoot! Hope they'll love it that much when they have to "scrape" their faces everyday as my 15 yr old Godson laments! :)

Christine said...

Too funny! My 12 year old is about to shave for the first time--- for real.

Scarlett_333 said...

Hehe, so cute :)